GoSwift Terminals
for a seamless traffic flow

Pre-arrival Communication

Interactive channels for terminal managers and vehicle drivers guarantees smooth communication.

Terminal Management

Automated routing from start to destination removes traffic hassles for drivers and terminals.

Data collection and Analysis

AI & data analytics predict processes and gradually increase traffic flow performance.

All-in-one Inbound Logistics Scheduling Solution

Time slot allocation

System schedules appointments for vehicles based on their distance, carried goods and priorities.

Gate assistant

Upon arrival, camera automatically registers the vehicle number plate and grants access, if justified.

Transit corridor management

The system analysis live data of multiple queues and designates a loading space to the vehicle.

Loading space prepared

The system allocates forklifts and notifies staff to be ready for arrival.

Value created

This is what they say about us

Heikki Jääskeläinen
Heikki Jääskeläinen


„As a part of Corealis- project we tested Track Appoinment System for Seaport (TASS) designed by GoSwift. During test period we noticed benefits of TASS and we decided to expand usage of TASS for all of our Terminals. TASS- system is designed for registration and scheduling arrival of vehicles to Steveco terminals in Port of Hamina-Kotka.

We would recommend the use of GoSwift as a technology provider and service operator, to improve vehicle traffic management at seaports.“
„GoSwift is a highly intelligent application which demonstrates that a small change can have a big influence on many people; create a safer world, eliminate corruption and improve the transport industry.“
Prof. DDr. Peter A. Bruck
WSA 2013 Chairman

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