Intelligent Transport Management

GoSwift develops and implements digital transportation management solutions to ensure swift operations in logistics processes.

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Enhanced management for cargo transportation


Unplanned cargo transportation causes inefficiencies

The side effect of this is higher air pollution, caused by idling truck engines. These issues are most commonly present at traffic hubs like ports, warehouses and production sites.
What We Do?

GoSwifts Queue Management Solution offers multiple tiers of functionalities

Our platform of transportation planning modules includes arrival scheduling, queue management & automated access for smooth and efficient on-site traffic control.

The Solution

All-In-One Inbound
Logistics Scheduling Solution

Remote registration

Driver books an available time slot for unloading via mobile app.

Dynamic time management

App notifies driver when to start driving to arrive in time.

Hassle-free navigation

Electronic tableaus guide the drivers from parking to check-in and designated gates.

Gate assistant and scales

Camera automatically registers the vehicle number plate and grants access.

Transit corridor management

The system assigns a loading location to the vehicle.

Loading space prepared

The system allocates forklifts and notifies staff to be ready for arrival.

Multi-Platform Communication

Product portfolio has evolved into comprehensive ecosystem of intelligent transportation management solutions. When combined according to customers’ needs, these solutions provide modern and effective methods to overcome inefficiencies in the transportation management process.

Coming soon to the App Store and Google Play.

Customer statements


Users using the pre-registration solution


Of the deliveries are done with previous registration


The efficiency has increased


Has reduced the average queuing time for trucks


Real-time waiting estimation available

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