Solution for border crossing points

GoSwift is solving border crossing traffic queues in 4 countries, at 9 border crossing points.​

The GoSwift solution has been implemented internationally since 2011 to facilitate the queuing of vehicles at border crossings.

More than 50 Million hours saved in border waiting time annually. Around from 60h to 1,5h per vehicle.

All vehicles have to register before crossing the border

BCP authorities receive information about vehicle, driver, cargo before arrival

BCP authorities configure the service according to the desired throughput

E.g. per hour 10 HGV: 3 priority booking, 3 AEO, 4 “live” queue

BCP authorities know in advance when each vehicle is expected

they can plan their technical and human resources accordingly

Vehicles arrive Just-In-Time

Preliminary check of information allows a faster checking process

Products and services

Booking and queueing engine
Monitoring and reports
Waiting area management
Traffic technology
Call centre
GoSwift operators
Self-service terminals
Data and metadata analytics
Interface with databases
Omni channel

This is what they say about us

Kristen Michal

Estonia’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure

„We are glad that the Estonian government made the decision in 2010 to develop and operate an electronic queue at the border. The concession agreement with a private company has proven a pragmatic and highly costeffective approach. The ITF Award for GoSwift is a recognition for Estonia’s achievements in e-Government solutions”.
„GoSwift is a highly intelligent application which demonstrates that a small change can have a big influence on many people; create a safer world, eliminate corruption and improve the transport industry.“
Prof. DDr. Peter A. Bruck
WSA 2013 Chairman

They trust us

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