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In an era where urbanization and global trade are on the rise, the need for efficient traffic flow is more critical than ever. GoSwift has positioned itself at the intersection of technology and mobility, dedicating its efforts to tackling congestion at pivotal points in the transportation network.

Through cutting-edge development and seamless implementation, GoSwift addresses congestion head-on by introducing intelligent solutions. We specialize in revolutionizing vehicle arrival scheduling, queue management, and navigation within closed territories. This strategic focus extends across diverse environments, including border crossings, ports, logistics centers, and industrial complexes.

Product description

Arrival Scheduling

To facilitate the seamless organization of arrivals, GoSwift provides a user-friendly booking environment. Here, your partner's Logistics Specialists or drivers can efficiently plan the arrivals of their vehicles, aligning with designated timeslots in your calendar. The calendar is fully customizable by your Logistics Department, ensuring a tailored and adaptable scheduling experience.

Booking environment

  • Registered vehicles with confirmed reservations receive a permit to access the territory.
  • The gate automatically grants entry at the scheduled time.
  • Vehicles without reservations can register at the gate via a self-service kiosk.
  • These vehicles join a live queue, and your logistics specialists are promptly notified of their arrival.
  • Logistics specialists use GoSwift’s web application to call in vehicles from the live queue.
  • The entire process is seamlessly supported by integrated software and hardware.
  • If the terminal has specific safety and security regulations, drivers can review and agree to comply with the terminal rules.

Safety and Security

Each terminal has specific safety and security regulations. Terminal managers are unaware of whether drivers are familiar with and adhering to all safety and security rules within the terminal’s territory. If the terminal has specific safety and security rules, they can be incorporated into the reservation solution. Drivers can review and agree to these rules when making a reservation for loading/unloading.

Queue Management

Through the Queue Management dashboard, your logistics team can effortlessly modify schedules, send notifications to drivers or partner logistics, and efficiently call vehicles for loading. The Queue Management module seamlessly integrates with Arrival Scheduling, Automated Access, and Yard Management, ensuring smooth data flow between modules.

Your Logistics Department has an overview of all vehicles and drivers, along with their current location statuses.

Automated Access and Scales

Automated Access means that permissions for vehicle or driver access are granted through the GoSwift application, enabling permission owners to enter the territory.

With Easy Access package the driver can open the barrier or gate by calling or via mobile app. Incase there is a need to scale the vechiles (empty/full), the scaling solutions can be integrated via API.

Available identification methods

Yard Management

Upon entering the territory, the Yard Management module guides the driver to the correct loading or parking spot, ensuring on-site traffic is secure, efficient, and free from congestion.

Key Features

  • Our Yard Management allows clients to easily add or modify the closed territory map.
  • Loading points and other relevant areas can be configured with convenience.
  • Loading points are preconfigurable as icons.
  • Icons can be rearranged on a virtual map according to specific needs.
  • Drivers receive directions through our Android/iOS or web applications.
  • LED signs, powered by custom Raspberry PI controllers, or other Variable Message Sign systems with API integration capabilities, can provide additional guidance.
  • Interactive screens can be installed at gates and other on-site points.
  • These screens display territory maps and driving instructions after entering the territory.
  • Integration with vehicles’ on-board computers and sensors is a potential future development.
  • This integration would unlock new features, such as closed territory guidance for autonomous vehicles.
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