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START features + gate access automation.

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Preconfigured IoT controller for gate access

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Enhanced management for cargo transportation

Solution START

The START package is designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) experiencing moderate traffic flow at the cargo gates. It encompasses the fundamental functionalities of our software without any integrations.


The EASY ACCESS level is intendent for both SMEs and larger companies experiencing moderate to heavy traffic flow at the cargo gates. This package comprises the essential functionalities of our software, with the added capability of gate and barrier control for facilitating seamless access.

Solution CUSTOM

The CUSTOM solution is designed for both SMEs and larger companies encountering medium to heavy traffic flow at the cargo gates. This comprehensive package encompasses the core functionalities of our software, augmented by a full suite of both existing and client-specific integrations. It incorporates ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) and LED displays for effective traffic flow control and seamless data exchange with ERP and other customer specific software API integrations systems.

Team competences

GoSwift’s team has extensive experience and competence to help our clients plan, develop and implement modern transportation management solutions.


Consulting during project design phase. This includes consultations for processes, software development, security and hardware.

Project Management

Our team has several project managers with experience in software development and hardware implementation projects and PRINCE2 Practitioner certificates.

Software development

Our in-house development team can make custom/tailor made solutions according to client needs.

Hardware supply

Hardware supply and organizing installation of required systems.


Helpdesk and regular maintenance of implemented solutions.

Common questions

Yes, you can filter out exactly these terminals and areas in your calendar view what you would like to see.

Yes, if the driver is using the mobile app, then the terminal will see the estimated arrival time (early, on time, late, not arrived) and filter them.

Yes you can really easily make new timeslots for different loading areas and drag and drop them to a certain day, week, month etc. You can have a different schedule for each day.

Yes you can really easily make new loading areas.

Yes, you can send messages through SMS, e-mail, push notification and WhatsApp. All the notifications logs will be archived.

Yes, you can have a chat through our platform and all the conversation logs will be archived.

Yes, you can see and manage booking in all terminals and also there is a possibility to limit the view for users who need to see only one terminal.

Yes the driver will see the loading area they need to go.

Yes, as for example if you have office area with a barrier and would like to control this also through our solution, then this is possible. You can give permanent permissions or limited time permissions.

Please send a request to service@goswift.eu and we can help you.

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