By coordinating Terminal arrival times and the truck departure and approaching process, via an online scheduling system, the GoSwift service allows for an optimised, smooth flow of vehicles onto Terminals or wholesale stock, logistic hub, production site, building construction area… for the loading/unloading of cargo.

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Impact by stakeholder groups

Reduced congestion of queued trucks in busy ports & city centres
Improved traffic safety in city centres and around ports
Municipality – improves the image of the city with more security, less waste & pollution
Municipality/Port authorities – possible re-use of high value land in the city centre
Port authorities – better planning and info about when trucks are arriving
Transport companies – more efficient use of trucks and drivers, less waiting time
Ferry companies – trucks can use off-peak times & tourists peak times
Drivers – better planning, manage work and rest time better

Traffic congestion is reduced by keeping vehicles away from the port or city centre in designated waiting areas and then calling them at the right time.

How it works


PLAN  the time when you want to enter the terminal
BOOK the time on the internet, self-service kiosks, on-site cash desks or by calling the GoSwift Call-centre 24/7.
GO to the terminal when your car registration number is called on the screens and you are sent a SMS.