The GoSwift border service removes long lines at borders, by queuing vehicles electronically and thereby saving money and reducing the border crossing time.

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Impact by stakeholder groups

Predictable border crossing times
Tourists and businesses can plan a journey without wasting time
Drivers manage work and rest time better
Border police better info on people crossing borders, reduces risk
Police reduce illegal trade at borders
Local municipality more security, less waste and pollution on roads
Government more jobs, development of rural areas and improves image of your country

A Thinking Highways magazine article on the development of the GoSwift border service.

How it works


PLAN  the time when you want to cross the border
BOOK the border crossing time on the internet, self-service terminals, on-site cash desks or by calling the GoSwift Call-centre 24/7.
GO to the border crossing point when your car registration number is called.