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GoSwift Wins Tender for Vaalimaa Pilot Project

The South-East Finland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment(Kaakkois-Suomen ELY-Keskus) decided on the 14th of March 2014 that GoSwift Suomi have been selected to supply the GoSwift Queue Management Service for a pilot project. The service has won numerous awards and allows for drivers to reserve a time period for border crossing before arriving at the border. The project will start at the Vaalimaa Finnish-Russian border crossing point 6 months after signing the contract.

GoSwift Suomi submitted the most economically advantageous offer during the tender process. The purpose of the pilot project is to test how the service can smooth out high peak traffic times, to a longer period of time and reduce the queueing. Additional benefits include: improved road safety, reduced investment needs and the facilitation of labour resourcing.

Jyrki Järvinen, Kaakkois-Suomen ELY-Keskus Project Manager, said, „Having seen how successful the GoSwift service has worked in other countries and the difference it has made, we believe we have made the right decision for people crossing our Finnish-Russian border“.

The pilot project will be implemented at the Vaalimaa border crossing point, and will be free of charge for everyone. It has not yet been decided whether the service will be obligatory or not. The pilot applies to passenger vehicles and trucks. The GoSwift service will apply to traffic going from Finland to Russia. Cooperation with the Russian side has already been started and the goal is to get similar systems operating on both sides of the border.

The GoSwift CEO, Hannes Plinte, added: „Finland is now the 4th country using the GoSwift service. Kaakkois-Suomen ELY-Keskus required a very thorough tender process, we will offer the best technological solution to meet their needs and we aim to supply the highest quality service in Finland.“

The GoSwift Queue Management Service was developed in Estonia in 2011 by Girf OÜ (now GoSwift OÜ) at the request of the Ministry of the Interior. Currently the service is used at the borders of Estonia, Lithuania and Russia. Reservations can be booked by phone or internet service, or by visiting designated service points. Drivers can also sign up for the live queue, when they arrive at the border. The GoSwift Queue Management Service can be used at border crossings, as well as tourist attractions, ferry or cargo terminals etc. wherever there is a queue. The GoSwift virtual queue with online ticketing is also used at the Tallinn TV Tower.